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Users shaped a stable and you will long-identity relationship with brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial matchmaking

Users shaped a stable and you will long-identity relationship with brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial matchmaking

The new semi-prepared interview story incorporated around three skout buluÅŸma fundamental parts: first pointers, new motivation getting and exposure to playing Take a trip Frog, and individual life position and social relationships. In the first advice part, personal data plus ages, job, city of quarters, digital game choices and you may video game-to play background is built-up. About 2nd region, interviewees responded issues instance “How did you discover more about this video game?”, “Why do you get involved in it?”, “Just what did you consider the frog from the online game?”, “Do you ever before find it since your dogs/friend/partner/man?”, “As to why otherwise you need to?”, and you will “Maybe you’ve skipped it?” The next part of the interviews was based on interviewees’ answers in the earlier region in order to inquire to their genuine-life situation. Such as, in the event the interviewee told you Travelling Frog generated him or her feel relaxed, we possibly may query whether the guy/she felt stressed actually together with way to obtain the stress. Once they stated they appreciated the life-style of the frog in the the next area, we could possibly have them evaluate the most recent lifetime and you will identify the better existence, etcetera. The particular interviews are according to the interviewees’ responses, additionally the interviewer went on asking questions to inquire further with the the interviewees’ responses.


According to interviews material, i unearthed that most interviewees initial installed brand new software and first started to tackle so you can follow a personal pattern and you will show a familiar experience with family unit members. It don’t admiration the new frog on online game as a good son initially, but found do so over time as they played this new game. Once frequent experiences with the frog, interviewees stated that they admired and you can appreciated the latest frog’s depicted life, and just how it did actually connect to players. The fresh emotional wedding and you can understanding of the frog don’t happen regarding the certain interaction from the games but, instead, the translation and you may imagination of the participants. Moreover, the brand new players’ ideas into and opinions of frog weren’t limited to the fresh new Traveling Frog video game, however, longer to life beyond the game. It projected its hopes of life style easily to their experience of new frog, and wanted to features comparable relationships due to their moms and dads otherwise college students, enabling the players to consider the fresh frog because their child. I train two good reason why participants seen the brand new frog as their child: so you’re able to venture the newest pledge away from life easily and to display the assumption away from a fantastic moms and dad-guy matchmaking.

Projecting the Promise out-of Life Easily

Due to the fact change of your field device inside the Asia, teenagers has faced far more certain dangers, however the authorities hasn’t observed a whole interests program and public security system to help with individual innovation. The person need have confidence in himself otherwise by herself.

Toward advent of economic rationality, this new status and you will purpose of assets has actually significantly increased, and possessions possession might one of the most important elements a good lifetime (Wu, 2016). New part of your own financial base in-marriage grew to become all the more visible in both rural and you will towns. This new bride speed from inside the rural section is increasing annual. In the cities, possible couples are expected to possess a car or truck and you will a property prior to ). Also, for the majority teenagers who aren’t local society inside good city, once they need certainly to receive local metropolitan hukou, that gives access to societal attributes and public interests, he could be expected to get a property (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). High rates push these people to your workplace hard and accept overtime work to maintain employment balances when confronted with unemployment and tough battle (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). not, teenagers investigation tough otherwise functions overtime not merely because of the price tag from life and you can creativity will set you back, also because of their criterion on their own.

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