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Irene including confronts out-of facing their daughter Erza, and is defeated by the their inside race

Irene including confronts out-of facing their daughter Erza, and is defeated by the their inside race

Because Four God Dragons just weren’t part of the newest Dragon Civil Combat referred to as Dragon Queen Festival, they certainly were very powerful that in case they joined treat, most of the would be lost

At an unfamiliar point till the Alvarez Empire Arch, an effective Dragon exactly who lasted Acnologia’s genocide, Animus, ran direct-to-direct having Natsu over the Dragon Shout Personnel, an ancient relic you to stored the strength of Acnologia’s sufferers once they died. Animus reported the employees, however, even with their fuel, he was not able to overcome a beneficial dragonized Natsu, who had inadvertently tapped for the their hidden stamina because the a demon in the Book regarding Zeref, ultimately causing Animus’ dying.

Anna Heartfilia, ancestor of your celestial genius Lucy Heartfilia, tries to pitfall Acnologia for the a time-room away from nothingness because of a part-aftereffect of the latest Eclipse Gate, but Acnologia manages to consume the latest endless time-continuum and you will rampages across the country

In the combat with Zeref’s Alvarez Kingdom by Fairy Tail, the fresh dragon Irene Belserion played a working region on the disagreement and in the end experienced Acnologia as he participates on conflict, into aim of hunting down the enduring dragon slayers. Irene then eliminates by herself when the woman is mortally injured. Their own corpse was later defiled by the Acnologia as the revenge to have carrying out your through dragon slayer wonders, in which he continues together with see. During the a final showdown contrary to the black dragon, Lucy as well as the remaining Fairy End guild pitfall Acnologia’s real human body about enchantment known as Fairy Fields, and his religious worry about try destroyed because of the Natsu on the dragon slayers’ mutual stamina, effectively eliminating your. Having Acnologia’s death, dragons are made extinct within the Ishgar and only the latest Dragon Slayers one survived the battle continue to be of the heritage.

Although not, someplace else inside the Earthland, several dragons nevertheless survive. Five incredibly solid dragons, known as the Four Jesus Dragons, survive comportamento das mulheres asiГЎticas versus americanas the new continent of Giltena, that is mainly unexplored. There had been to begin with six, nevertheless the Planet Dragon Jesus, Dogramag, is killed by a great Dragon Slayer wizard titled Elefseria, who was to start with a self-educated Dragon Slayer himself therefore the originator of basic wizard guild, Magia Dragon. Elefseria later on transformed into good dragon courtesy overuse out of their wonders and also the have to regenerate their forgotten center immediately after Dogramag ate they. But not, instead of Acnologia, Elefseria was not determined upset by the their energy and you will rather stayed good, using their power to try and wreck the remainder Five God Dragons, that happen to be on their own more powerful than Acnologia. At least one of these, Selene, the latest Moon god Dragon, had several children, plus a blade-saint dragon entitled Kurnugi, which have been murdered of the Dragon Slayer Georg Reizen, just who and killed the remainder dragons of Guiltina help save the 5 Dragon Gods. Because the Elefseria is not able to defeat the 5 and you can Georg bankrupt the guidelines regarding his bargain to help you seem them, Natsu, Grey, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Happier and you can Carla have been delivered from the Elefseria to attempt to kill him or her, starting with the water Jesus Dragon, Mercuphobia. Mercuphobia, on conference him or her just after an experience which have dragon slayers in the guild Diabolus, acceptance these to his castle in water and you will questioned her or him so you can destroy him, as the after years of enabling members of redemption to have their evil deeds when you look at the many years earlier, he had started shedding command over their fuel. Mercuphobia says you to definitely prior to the guy passes away, Natsu and also the remainder of their class need to let him win back his efforts, as he has had her or him taken because of the a woman labeled as “the newest White Mage” (a female that have a massive break to the Natsu exactly who recently registered Fairy End and that is operating in term Touka), which in advance of the guy dies, Mercuphobia plans to 100 % free this new village he resides in in the awful strength from their accidental curse. Although not, ahead of they are able to pursue the brand new light mage, three dragon-eaters out-of Diabolus attack the palace, and mention which they propose to consume the newest powers of the Liquid god dragon through eating brand new light mage herself.

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